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Still Mine presented by the High Commission of Canada
Michael McGowan / Canada
2012 / 103 minutes / English / NC16 / Some Nudity

Based on true events and laced with wry humour, Still Mine is a heartfelt love story about Craig Morrison, an 89-year-old New Brunswicker, who comes up against the system when he sets out to build a more suitable house for his wife whose memory is starting to go.

Although Craig is using the same methods his father, a shipbuilder, taught him, times have changed. Craig quickly gets on the wrong side of an overzealous government inspector, who finds just about everything unacceptable, including the unstamped wood he has milled from his own trees. As his wife becomes increasingly ill – and amidst a series of stop-work orders – Craig races to finish the house. Hauled into court and facing jail, Craig takes a final stance.

“Movies like this are uncommon, perhaps because we shy away from the truths that the elderly face, perhaps because there is more money in exploiting the young and the beautiful on-screen.” — Bruce Kirkland, Toronto Sun

“It’s expressed in simple devotion, the determination to assist and remain with a loved one, no matter what...This, I think, is the message of Still Mine.” — Peter Howell, The Star

2013 Canadian Screen Awards Winner for Best Actor in a Leading Role
2013 Directors Guild of Canada Winner for Best Direction for Feature Film
2013 Seattle International Film Festival Winner for Best Actor

Again, With Feeling

Maxwell Blanche / Canada
2017 / 9 minutes / English / PG 13

From Vancouver, Canada, this musical short powerfully depicts the feelings of loneliness and isolation experienced by people affected by depression — and reflects the hope that, through peer support, people can recover to live full and meaningful lives.

2017 Changing Minds Competition Winner for Best Film

Living with Dementia
Did you know that one in 10 persons aged 60 years and above are diagnosed with dementia? This means that the likelihood of it happening to you and me, is high. This makes the issue even more relevant.

The dementia landscape in Singapore is changing. Households tend to be smaller and this means weaker support network and greater strain on the general population. Through this panel discussion, we will dialogue on dementia care for the elderly. By raising awareness on the realities surrounding dementia care, we hope to better prepare individuals for such a situation in the future. Furthermore, we want to cultivate a sense of empathy for persons with dementia and to discuss ways in which we can provide support. The panel will also share tips on what individuals can do to lower their risk of dementia, and will also highlight key nursing and dementia home care options.

(L-R Noorlinah Mohamed, Dian Karnina, Nancy Cheong, Tammy Lim, Yang Tze Khoy)

Noorlinah Mohamed is an award-winning actress, a teaching artist, creator of public engagement projects and a caregiver to her mother who is diagnosed with dementia. She has delivered talks, participated in panels and workshops as well as created a performance called ‘Recalling Mother’ produced by Checkpoint Theatre to raise awareness on dementia and caregiving. She is a recipient of the JCCI Cultural Award (2008) and the Women’s Weekly Women of Our Time Award (2005) for her contribution to the arts.

Dian Karnina is a Psychologist/ Manager at Apex Harmony Lodge, the first-purpose built home for people with dementia in Singapore. In her role, she empowers individuals across the spectrum of the condition to live well, and advocates for the active involvement of various members of the community to create a dementia-friendly, respectful, and inclusive society.

Nancy Cheong is an Outreach Manager with Caregivers Alliance and a Caregiver Counsellor at Changi General Hospital and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. She is especially passionate about working with persons with dementia and their caregivers, and it is her desire to become more involved in helping them to be resilient and to strengthen their well-being for their caregiving journey.

Yang Tze Khoy, a retiree from the Singapore Armed Forces, is currently a full-time caregiver of both his parents. His mother was diagnosed with Multiple Infarct Dementia in 2010.

Tammy Lim is a certified music therapist at Assisi Hospice, Singapore. Her professional practice includes hospice/palliative care, children and adult bereavement, dementia, geriatric care, and mental health settings, both in Singapore and the United States. Her research “Music Therapy in Collaboration with Multisensory for Individuals with Later Stages of Dementia” was presented at World Congress in Music Therapy in 2016.

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